We have been missing each other all our lives, it’s just a matter of how early and how late.



Life is like being enveloped in a huge chemical plant, the pungent smell makes us dizzy. Just like blueberries mixed with yogurt, the texture is fascinating, the blend is natural and smooth, the cold sweetness provokes the taste buds. At the same moment we can no longer taste the taste of blueberry and yogurt, and they cannot have a clear view of each other. Is this what people call enjoying the world in the moment? Just a little light from each other to escape some darkness. Before the sun rises, the lines have turned to blood for a moment. Blueberries are no longer blueberries, it thinks that the blood colour covers the creamy heart of yogurt, it does not know that the yogurt is not pure crumbs within the perception, the blood colour may be its true existence. So, let it go, blueberry, has been pierced to the end, isn’t it?



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Effie Gleeman

🦢 Tally the different traces of life blooming. Chinese cherubs in Sydney.